Jack Salay

I have been in the casino business for 29 years now, as a dealer and supervisor of the game of craps. Previously, I graduated from the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, one of the finest flight schools in the country, and I was a flight instructor for many years teaching people how to fly.

I have worked in major casino’s across this country, some of which include: The Mirage, Desert Inn, Sands, Tropicana, Trump Plaza, Beau Rivage and currently the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Every night I experience people coming up to the game with a look of wonderment on their face. Their body language is saying: “How in the World do I play this Game”?

I explain a bet or two to get them started and they absorb the game slowly. Their eyes light up after a short while and they get it. But only a little. . .the $20 or $40 they invest may not last long depending on the timing.

When you read my book you will have a detailed explanation of every bet. How it wins and loses. Plus the knowledge necessary to play the game and blend in with the other players to avoid any embarrassment.

  • Craps is the most diverse game in the casino. You get to throw the dice!
  • You don’t get to deal the cards in Blackjack or spin the ball in roulette.
  • Once you learn this game as others have. This is the only game they play in the casino.

For the cost of one bet ($10) you can learn the Entire Game. If I can teach people how to fly, I can teach them how to play craps.

Impress your friends. Read this book. Educate Yourself!